GX-21-3 Gatling Gear

Produced by Hallen Industries, the GX-21-3 Gatling Gear is a robust piece of machinery. It rarely breaks down and is easily maintained, though to truly become a master at its operation takes many years and much practice.

The Gatling Gear is well know for its heavy armor plating and twin Gatling laser cannons. It also houses a smaller caliber set of twin machine guns on either side of the head. Rounding out its specific, yet brutal armament, the mecha employs dual missile pod launchers in its chest cavity, just above the cockpit.

This mecha is classically piloted, normally eschewing mental link packages, though it is not incapable of being upgraded with one. It also has no formal AI and can follow no orders on its own without a pilot.


GX-21-3 Gatling Gear

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