Hawk-Class Light Cruiser

The Hawk-Class light cruiser is manufactured by Seicho Industries and is the most dependable of its class. Though it is the slowest of the light cruisers, its size and armor are on the higher end of the scale and its engine has the best cooling system produced.

The ship’s hull is 300 meters long and 100 meters wide at its widest point. Though large and capable of carrying a full crew compliment of 400, the ship is easily manned by a crew of as little as 20. Its armaments are minimal, but it does house twin energy cannons on its deck and an aft cannon near the bridge. Because of its launching bay, the ship can also deploy mecha suits, jet fighters, and bombs. Within the hangar, the ship can hold up to 4 jet fighters and 4 mecha suits. The bridge is housed in the command tower above the deck of the ship and must have at least 4 crew members manning stations in order to pilot properly.

Though the ship is certainly capable of housing more, it comes with 5 cleaning robots, 2 cosmotech robots, and a single translator android.


Hawk-Class Light Cruiser

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