CMDR Hayate PhD

Rock star first, science later.



Name :Hayate. Yes, just the one.
Age: 22
Sex: Yes, please!

Height: 5 foot something…
Weight: Trim. “Athletic”. I don’t eat much.
Hair: Is it red now? It is? Awesome! Used to be blue.
Eyes: Green.
Allergies: Country Music, Accountants. Bueraucrats. spelling?

Experiences As Pertains To Bounty Hunting: I don’t know. I tackled a hairpunk frontman once. He pissed in my guitar case. Does that count?

References: Ask anyone, I’m fucking famous. They’ll tell you I’m awesome. Also, call Sheila Ellicott-Chatham. 677#22-343-760-0080

Education: Doctorate in Applied Sciences, Master’s Degree in Starship Systems – Ellicott-Chatham University of Technology, Draco Dwarf (DDO 208)

Most Recent Employer- Fusion Records, Touring Musician- Agent: Steven Ishida (112#89-224-134-6768) DO NOT CALL BEFORE 10am local time Kepler62e



Born on kepler62e

Mother unknown, possible sex worker

Father employee of KepCorp Construction, history of heavy drinking

Attended public schooling until 7th year- accepted into early enrollment program at E-CUoT after creating fission-powered synth pedal capable of dissolving matter. Incident suppressed.

Father missing as of 3320, no record of involvement in GGC. Enlistment records on kepler62e not available.

Graduated E-CUoT 3328

Tour records with Fusion Records begin 3329

Booked on assault charges 3330, charges dropped- S. Ishida involved, records expunged.

Album “Reactor Love” goes platinum in a record 2 days after planetwide release on Tau Ceti e

Currently in production of second album, as yet untitled.

Contract with FR ends in 3 months

Contact? Y/N

CMDR Hayate PhD

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