LCDR Yamada Nanase

A first officer who was first in her class.


Yamada Nanase takes her job very seriously. She is possibly the best first mate one could ask for, if the captain is also a traditionalist and likes a by-the-book First Officer. In any other case, Yamada can certainly try one’s nerves. Rules are meant to be followed in Yamada’s eyes and those that eschew the correct procedures will feel the wrath of her bureaucracy.


Yamada was always a perfect student, even as a very young child. She seemed to understand that school was very important and useful, although she never showed many outward signs of actually enjoying herself. She aced all exams and never received a grade below an A on a report card. It appeared as though she could excel in any area given enough time and study, making her especially formidable with access to an information network.

She discovered a lingering joy when she joined the army during the waning years of the war. When it was over, she became lethargic and uninterested in other work as she saw it mundane and too easy. Eventually, she learned of the BCA and the fascinating work of bounty hunting. Once focused on her goal, it took her all of 6 months to make it through the hiring and promotion process until she became a Lieutenant Commander of “the Hubris”.

In addition to her studious nature, she is also a vehement follower of rules. Her disciplinary record is spotless and she is known to have willpower fashioned from titanium.

LCDR Yamada Nanase

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