3331: Space Oddity

Nanase's Journal. Part 1
After the Pirate "Ambush"

Debriefing with the Captain

Nanase: “Sir, I’ve been doing some searching on the BCA servers and discovered from photo records and various black boxes we have on file that the pirates we captured earlier today happen to have a 10k CR bounty for each live target brought in, with an extra 100k for their ship and 50k for each intact fighter craft. I think we made a bit of an accidental payday, sir.”

Captain Ito: “Accidental my ass Nanase! That was all skill and perseverance!”

Nanase: “Sir, I only mean that we did not intend to haul in a bounty when we went to the aid of a distress call…”

Captain Ito: “Nanase, let me make something perfectly clear to you: we are bounty hunters; we are always intending to haul in a bounty.”

Nanase: “Yes, sir. Though, if I may, sir: I did see something strange when I read the report on our pirates.”

Captain Ito: “Go on…”

Nanase: “Well, sir, though this does match their preferred method of attack, their common targets are almost always smaller ships or weakened cargo freighters. Also, this is far from their usual stomping grounds. They like to stay near the shipping lanes closer to the outside of the Kepler System and never venture toward Sol.”

Captain Ito: “Excellent, prepare the interrogation room.”

Nanase: “Very well, sir.”

Captain Ito: “Wait, we actually have an interrogation room!?”

Nanase: “Any room that you decide to designate for now, sir. We have numerous rooms and quarters that we are currently not using.”

Captain Ito: “Damn. Take a note Nanase: … Interrogation Room.”

Note: Captain Ito requires a room specialized for interrogation. Supply with two (2) steel chairs, one (1) adjustable lamp, and one (1) steel table. Implements of interrogation to be determined by the Captain or otherwise designated interrogator.


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