Valkyrie Profile

One of the more successful genetic-technologic soldier programs (GTSPs), Valkyrie Profile exclusively produced lithe, acrobatic female super soldiers. Using the most advanced gene therapy and cybernetic enhancements, this program created some of the finest spies in the MWF.


These soldiers are often referred to as “ghosts” due to their superior skills in infiltration and assassination. They tend to “haunt” their targets for some time before striking and there is no structure or defense they cannot bypass.


Unfortunately, this program pulled in far more youths than it needed. Valkyrie Profile was only started three years before the Great Galactic Conflict ended, making many of the young ladies obsolete after a short time. Many others were never given completed gene therapies, giving them unstable DNA which begins to collapse, killing the individual in a few months to a year. Though a few remain, managing to stave off cellular death with genetic treatments and new cybernetics, most have died off unable to support themselves with defective bodies and minds.

Valkyrie Profile

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