FSS Daedalus

The FSS Daedalus was an experimental starship, designated with the serial number EXXX-A2 Seraphim-class Cruiser. Though very large, its engines were extremely powerful while consuming minimal amounts of energy, making the Daedalus both fast, maneuverable, and quite potent in a fight. Unfortunately, the one in charge of the Daedalus on its maiden voyage into the fleet was Captain Ito Atsuo.

Though flawless in aptitude tests and field-work alike, Captain Ito, son of the war-hero of the same name who had died many years before, lead the ship and the crew of the Daedalus into disaster. His plan worked, but the damage was done, not only to the Captain, but to the soul of the ship.

The MWF saw the Daedalus as a liability after this incident. Many soldiers and spacers thought it bad luck to serve on a ship whose crew was nearly entirely wiped out by the single order of its Captain. So, with a fair amount of ceremony, the Daedalus was disabled and released into space. It is officially decommissioned.


FSS Daedalus

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