Vanessa Reeves

Just an average human doctor


While under human disguise, Vanessa maintains an unremarkable human visage. Brown eyes and brown hair cut short with a few grey hairs here and there, middle to late 30’s, slim build, pale complexion, and an average face with slight wrinkles allows for the perfect cover. Those who can see through her disguise see her for how she really is. Somewhat attractive by Xeretes standards, white hair and red eyes, also a slim build and a scar on her neck, a slow fading reminder of the dangers of letting your guard down.



Vanessa Reeves is one of a few surviving Xeretes aliens. Fascinated with medicine and science, she joined the Xeretes army to become a ship’s doctor. After the defeat and near extinction of her species, she took shelter in her ability to psychically manipulate those she’s around to only see her as an average, unremarkable human woman. Preferring to stay out of sight and wary of humans who are too curious for their own good, she made a name for herself as a back alley doctor with no questions asked. However, while one of her clients was under the knife, he spilled incriminating information in the form of a deathbead confessional. The client survived, but his boss found out and decided that he would sleep better at night if there were no loose ends. Vanessa survived the assassination attempt, but she realized that perhaps staying in one place would no longer be an option to her. Looking for work that would keep her on the move, she turned to the BCA, hoping she would be safer hiding in plain sight

Vanessa Reeves

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