Captain Ito Atsuo

A Captain who doesn't care until everything is on the line.



A young Captain with surprisingly little to prove, Captain Ito Atsuo is a newcomer to the Bounty Collection Agency. Having recently resigned with honors from the Milky Way Federation Military under mysterious circumstances, Atsuo quickly leveraged what wealth he had along with his glowing performance record to obtain a ship and a commission with the BCA.

For one with the great responsibility of command on his shoulders, Atsuo acts frighteningly unconcerned. He is cavalier in the face of danger, jovial in the face of menace and lewd in the face of anything that walks. Distracted, impulsive and prone to random outbursts, one might wonder how he ever became a Captain. Any doubts, however, tend to be dispelled by those who see him in a combat situation, when Atsuo becomes Captain Ito once again.


Born and raised in New Okinawa on Mars, Ito Atsuo was the son of an elementary school teacher and a Milky Way Federation Military Captain. Atsuo saw little of his father, who spent much of his time on deployment. Early in the Great Galactic Conflict Captain Ito (senior) died in combat, going down with his ship. This loss drove Atsuo to throw himself into his studies with the intent of becoming an officer like his father and getting his chance at revenge. This dedication saw him gain entrance to the Military Academy on the FSS Continent at the tender age of 15 (the youngest human ever to be admitted), graduating and earning a commission by age 17, allowing him the ‘privilege’ to fight in the final years of the Great Conflict. Two days after his 26 birthday Commander Ito Atsuo was promoted to Captain and given command of the FSS Daedalus.

Captain Ito had himself two years of smooth sailing and outstanding performance reviews before everything went wrong. A simple diplomatic error led to a sudden, unexpected and full-blown Caius incursion. The FSS Daedalus and several other MWF ships were dispatched to defend against the attack. Seriously outnumbered, it wasn’t long before the MWF ships found themselves in an untenable position. They were doomed; surrounded on all sides but one by the enemy and the other side was covered by the raging radioactive inferno of a dying star. While the other ships prepared to make their last stand, Captain Ito ordered his crew to fly the Daedalus through the fiery corona to flank the enemy. The maneuver was successful and caused the death of over half of his crew. Torn apart by guilt, Captain Ito gratefully resigned his commission with honors when he was asked to in an attempt to cover up the diplomatic incident.

One year. One whole year of drinking anything that’d get him drunk and sleeping with anything that looked pretty. It took him that long to carefully pry his head out of his ass and set it on straight. Done with his moping, Atsuo set about finding a way to do the one thing he was good at. You know, they say the BCA is always looking for good Spacers…

Captain Ito Atsuo

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