LtCol Vladimir "V" Terra

Stick-Throttle Interconnect, with a few loose nuts and a criminal record.

V is a fun loving man with an unnatural urge to push the boundaries and do the impossible. V used to be a respectable pilot, that flew secret test missions that never happened in a ship that never existed. So when he learned that all of his work was going to be scrapped, he threw caution to the solar winds and stole what he felt was his.

Vladimir Terra or Vladimir or Vlad or just “V” was literally a space racing pilot before he was born. Both of V’s mothers were famous racing spacers in the golden age of Sol racing tournaments. When they were married they wanted a son and V was born to two Mothers and a test tube. He grew up surrounded by the fastest ships in the galaxy. He could pilot a ship before he could walk, but walking isn’t all that important in zero Gs.

His Childhood his marked by his first great victory and the loss of his family. At the age of 13 he entered into the Amateur Galactic Circuit and placed first. Later that year his Mothers’ ship was caught up in the Great Galactic Conflict. V was jettisoned from the ship before it was destroyed in the only escape vessel. The high life, the loving family and the fame was all burned away.

He took his rage and his piloting skills and with some clever manipulation of technology he cheated the age calibrators in the MWF enlistment tests and joined the war as a pilot. Before the war came to an end 8 years later V had flown in over 300 combat missions. The combination of his excellence as a pilot and his reckless behavior that by the end of the war he was both the most decorated and most reprimanded pilot in his fleet.

After the war, he was recruited into working for the Hermes project where V designed and piloted experimental spacecraft. This was the highlight of all of his work. He was able to build and pilot spaceships unlike anything he had ever dreamed of. He quickly rose to the head of his department. But after Five years of giving everything he had into the project, including his own legs (which he trading out for robotics) V discovered that due to budget cuts his whole department was to be scraped and sold for parts. Everything he had worked for would be gone.

He did the only rational thing he could. He stole the top secret government engines faked their destruction by crashing a priceless government ship into a moon on a “test run,” and hid all of the parts away so no one could find them. V put to much stalk in being able to manipulate the bureaucracy of the MWF, and he was eventually arrested for his actions. Members of Cerebres, the MWF intelligence agency were keeping tabs on him, and became aware of his scheme. Before he was sentence the an agent of Cerebres offered him a lighter sentence (not being thrown in a dark hole for treason) as well as the engine parts if he would be an off the books pilot when they needed a rogue agent.

V spent 5 years in military prison, and was released as a dog of Cerebres. The agent placed V as a pilot in debt to the BCA as a way for him to get a new ship and cybernetic legs. V is looking for a way out of this. He needs a lot of credits to get out of the BCA, but the real issue is to find a way to get out from under Cerebres’ control.

LtCol Vladimir "V" Terra

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