PFC Koizumi Ayame

A genetic soldier who likes to cut loose.


Private First Class Koizumi holds herself with dignity and strength when on duty. However, once allowed to relax she has a tendency to cut loose. Though small and innocuous, Ayame can suddenly become larger than life and prefers to relax with the male troops; it makes her feel more comfortable.

Not one for make-up and dresses, Ayame is very much a “tomboy”. The only typical female indulgence she enjoys is occasionally wearing earrings, but these instances are few and far between.



Battle-bred from a young age, Koizumi Ayame was entered into a genetics experiment by her parents in an effort to better their own social standing in the eyes of the MWF government. She never saw her parents again, but Ayame doesn’t see this as much of a problem. They weren’t very good at raising her, as one can easily imagine.

The program was called the Valkyrie Profile and it specialized in creating female super soldiers. Using the unique genetics of other creatures and enhancing them beyond their limits, the MWF manufactured several different genetic soldiers for use in the police force and the front during the Great Galactic Conflict.

Unfortunately, the war ended a year after Ayame was inserted into the program, giving her incomplete gene splicing and very few enhancements. She shortly discovered that, because of the incomplete work on her DNA, she was slowly unraveling over time. If she didn’t act, she would simply die in less than a month. Over the next few years, she often found work as a bounty hunter and used her meager income to stop her body from degrading further with cybernetics and gene therapy treatments.

Eventually, Ayame joined the BCA, seeing it as a better source of income than the random jobs she had been picking up before.

PFC Koizumi Ayame

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