LT Tanashima Mako

Hard-edged but likable weapons officer.


Tanashima Mako is an imposing figure, at first. He is often gruff and difficult to talk to, but once one gets on his good side he is much more companionable. To his friends, Mako is the most loyal and dedicated individual one will ever meet. However, to those he dislikes he becomes a brick wall; quiet, impassive, and gritty.


Mako joined tha BCA when he was 16 years old. He started out as an executive assistant for the chief messenger and was swiftly promoted because of his resolve and intuition. After many years, he finally felt he was ready to join the ranks of the bounty hunters but he had no ship of his own and little experience in command. Not caring very much where he ended up, Mako entered his name into the random drawing for crew assignment among the random hunters who were being hired that year.

To his great chagrin, he was assigned to this ship. He makes very little effort to hide his disappointment in where he was assigned.

LT Tanashima Mako

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