Jin-05D Vocaloid "Rena"

An older model vocaloid with a few quirks.


The Jin-05D vocaloid has been around for about 10 years and the model is really starting to show its age. Though the Jin series has always had one of the widest arrays of voices, languages, and cultural references, it also has a poor memory recovery system. The more information a Jin series hard drive contains, the more fragmented and chaotic its thoughts become.

This is especially true with the ship’s vocaloid, “Rena”. She is often quite astute, but when asked to perform a task which she hasn’t engaged in for some time it takes her memory ages to boot properly, causing her systems to freeze up if she isn’t careful. When pressed with various duties or questions, Rena is apt to freeze in place while her CPU desperately tries to keep up and maintain her memory banks at the same time.

Despite these setbacks, Rena is quite helpful and knowledgeable. Her youthful facade brings a certain light to those around her, making others at ease in her presence even though she herself has very little empathy and awareness.


Rena has been the ship’s vocaloid for as long as she can remember, which is almost exactly 10 years. She is one of the first Jin series vocaloids to be manufactured and, frankly it shows.

Ningyo Enterprises produces the Jin series which is one of the more popular models, but the company isn’t very successful with their other robots. This means they have far fewer offices and produce fewer replacement parts than most other companies, making having one of their models a bit of an inconvenience for those utilizing their services. Rena attempts to make up for this by obtaining parts whenever she can so that she avoids becoming obsolete.

Jin-05D Vocaloid "Rena"

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