ENS Fuma Yosuke

Good-hearted, well-meaning klutz.


Young, well-mannered and always ready to help, Fuma Yosuke is still not very well liked. Unfortunately, his personality is dreadfully diminished by his clownish and klutzy behavior. His gawky arms and legs are perfect for knocking into things, while his hair happens to be the perfect length to obstruct his vision when it is least convenient. Also, he has a unique talent for saying the wrong thing no matter the situation.

In spite of this, Ensign Fuma manages to be competent enough to hold a job on the ship. In order to show his worth, he often tries to assist those on the bridge with less than stellar results. Strangely, with his level of performance working against his clumsiness, he comes off as merely adequate at his job and kind of quirky.


Fuma Yosuke had a hard time of it growing up, but was always told by his parents to be positive. He took this advice to heart. Even when they both died in a tragic space accident, Yosuke carried on at the age of 10, a smile of determination on his face. This optimism took him through academy training with the MWF police force and he got very close to graduating before he mistakenly walked in on a superior officer’s wife in the restroom. The ensuing calamity involved a dozen recruits, carrying torches, lead by the head master of the academy chasing Yosuke out of the station and into the night. Yosuke refuses to speak of this incident as it is his greatest failure.

After the “academy fiasco” as he calls it, Yosuke became a repo man for a very small collection firm on his home world. After about 3 years of mediocre work doing next to nothing, his company was bought out by BCA and he found himself employed by a different agency. Soon after, he was assigned to the crew of “The Hubris” and he has never been happier.

ENS Fuma Yosuke

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