Endo Dai

The owner of BCA and Chief Executive Officer.


The enigmatic founder of the Bounty Collection Agency, Endo Dai has been described as quite possibly the most charismatic man in the galaxy, if not the universe. When he enters a room, he dazzles those around him, despite his scarred visage and crass nature. Even the most proper of aristocrats is shaken out their shell by the raucous CEO.


Nothing is known of Dai’s childhood, except that he grew up somewhere on Mars before the war.

It is said that he was once a member of the military, but all information on the subject has been redacted from company and MWF documents, leaving almost everything to the imagination. What is known, is that he began the company by taking up the role of a bounty hunter himself, creating the initial revenue from personally conducting the very work he contracts to others today.

Endo Dai

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